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I am a wife, a mother to two sons, Anthony 19 and Nicholas 16, a native Staten Islander who currently resides in Chester New Jersey. I am a legal assistant and part time caterer. I love spending time at the gym and eating out (have to go to the gym in order to eat out!). I love being with my family and friends, who all are very important to me.

In August 2009, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. It was a shock to all of us, since I exercised regularly, watched what I ate and was always in good health. I was certainly not the “cancer type”. At first I asked myself why me, but then I looked at this situation, as it could have been a lot worse. When I was first diagnosed, it was so hard for me to say “I have cancer”. Telling my family and friends was so tough. But after a while, I told everyone. The reason I told everyone was there were so many people who were in the same situation. It was a good thing because I found someone who had the same kind of breast cancer and received the same type of Chemo, and I could call her and asks questions. No one knows what you are going to go through unless you have it. I had a lumpectomy, received chemotherapy and radiation and I battled my breast cancer with a positive attitude. Again, I considered myself very lucky because my chemo cocktail was not the kind where you lose your hair.

The worst part of having cancer, wasn’t the needles, wasn’t getting sick (I have a cast iron stomach and never got nauseas); was when the nurse said “GET ON THE SCALE”!!

If there is any message I can give to people is you must take care of your body; go to all your doctor’s appointments. You must have a positive attitude, because cancer to happen to anybody. It happened to me!

If you ever need to speak to someone who has experienced The Cancer, I am here for you!!

And WE love you, Robin!

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